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Lexy's Toast Sparkling Rosé Bottle Shot

Lexy's Toast Sparkling Rosé

Lexy's Toast Sparkling Rosé is made from 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay grapes. This spectacular Sparkling Wine has the structure and profile of a French Champagne with the subtle complexity of a great Rosé. This second version of Lexy's Toast is EXTRA SPECIAL as we added GlenLyon Winery's incredible "Mistelle" as our dosage. Mistelle is a rarely produced white dessert wine made from Viognier grapes. The Mistelle lends a hint of pear sorbet to the already wonderful flavors of peach, pomegranate, and raspberry. Lexy’s Toast is best served with a healthy dose of creativity! Don’t Burst My Bubble; Just Drink It!
Lexy’s Toast Sparkling Brut Nature Bottle Shot

Lexy’s Toast Sparkling Brut Nature

Lexy's Toast Brut Nature (pronounced's a French thing) is a low in sugar Sparking Wine made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Why did we make it? Lexy (grumble grumble) has to keep a diet low in sugar, so she started researching extra dry brut Sparkling Wines, resulting in a total obsession with Brut Nature! What does it taste like? The wine is still made in the tradition of Method Champenoise, but has been tweaked it in an avant-garde way that allows the grapes to truly speak for themselves. We have used our GlenLyon Hog Wilde Chardonnay as the liqueur d'expedition (dosage) to add intriguing exotic fruit overtones to the bubbles. As always, Lexy's Toast Wines are best served with a healthy dose of creativity! "Don't Burst My Bubble. Just Drink It!"
Blush ‘O The Boar Rosé Bottle Shot

Blush ‘O The Boar Rosé

There is a "sweet spot" in our upper vineyard where the topsoil is fertile and deep and the sun exposure is terrific. The canes tend to grow longer and the berries and clusters of fruit seem a bit plumper than in the other areas of the vineyard ... and is a perfect spot for harvesting the Syrah fruit that goes into the making of this delightful, dry Rosé.
Suzy’s Toast Viognier Bottle Shot

Suzy’s Toast Viognier

In keeping with our fascination for Rhone varieties, we are fortunate to source this wonderful Viognier from Margaret Gokey, whose two-acre vineyard rests at the foot of the Mayacamus Mountain range. We have been delighted with the quality and now give this wine its own Vineyard Designation: “Margaret’s Vineyard”. It is a crisp Viognier, harvested a bit on the early side resulting in low alcohol and well-balanced acid. Many Viogniers, harvested late, have a heavy floral aroma that almost overwhelms the fruit. GlenLyon’s style (because we harvest early) focuses on the wonderful fruit qualities. This is Suzy’s FAVORITE wine on the planet!
Hog Wilde Chardonnay Bottle Shot

Hog Wilde Chardonnay

The wine, very much in the style of the French Chardonnays of Grand Cru Chablis, undergoes only a portion of ML (the conversion of the wine’s acid from malic acid to lactic acid) to maximize the wonderful mouth feel. The Chardonnay is typically kept in barrel for six to nine months. It is a Chardonnay where the fruit is allowed to shine through; it is mouth-watering, crisp, acid-balanced, low alcohol, and most-often reveals a hint of lemon-zest, peach and dried apricot.
Squire’s Toast Red Blend Bottle Shot

Squire’s Toast Red Blend

The wine is ruby red in color, has a bouquet of roses and violets, is very soft in tannins and filled with flavors of red raspberries and cherries. It’s VERY easy to drink and is REALLY yummy!
Estate Syrah Bottle Shot

Estate Syrah

Every grape that goes into our Syrah is grown and harvested here at GlenLyon. We’ve never added store-bought yeast to the fruit and it always begins fermentation as Mother Nature (and Dionysos) intended. (Squire insists “There’s magic afoot!” each year it begins bubbling!)
Estate Syrah Port Bottle Shot

Estate Syrah Port

Every grape for the GlenLyon Estate Syrah Port comes from the vines at GlenLyon. After you open the tall, slim, sleek, sexy silk-screened 375ml black bottle, you'll notice the aromas of fortified Syrah complimented by wonderful flavors of blackberry and blueberry jam. This is dessert at its best! So, you ask, “What IS Port?” Good question! The dictionary defines Port as “a fortified dessert wine possessing rich taste and aroma”. Port can be made in different ways, but here’s how we do it ...
Mistelle Bottle Shot


The word “Mistelle” is from the Latin-based noun “mixtvm”, meaning “the mix”…(you might have figured that one out….) We owe homage to Pride Family Winery for exposing us to this wondrous, unique after-dinner beverage made from freshly pressed Viognier juice. Where Pride Winery adds brandy to fortify and stop the fermentation, GlenLyon uses grape spirits as the agent to make this one-of-a-kind dessert “wine”. The sexy bottle alone is worth the price of admission!
Mistelle Rouge Bottle Shot

Mistelle Rouge

During a 2015 trip to Bordeaux, Suzy asked Squire if there were another variety that we could use to make a slightly different version of our Mistelle! Using our Rose as the base grape juice, Squire experimented and came up with our very own Mistelle Rouge. Squire pressed the Syrah to make Rose and while it was still juice and not yet fermented, he added our grape-spirits to the freshly-pressed Syrah Rose and we hit a home-run! Squire is proud to say that he “invented” this one! Refreshing, crisp and a wonderful after-dinner dessert that we serve refrigerator cold. VERY sexy bottle!!!!



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