Estate Syrah Port

375 ml bottle

Every grape for the GlenLyon Estate Syrah Port comes from the vines at GlenLyon.  After you open the tall, slim, sleek, sexy silk-screened 375ml black bottle, you'll notice the aromas of fortified Syrah complimented by wonderful flavors of blackberry and blueberry jam.  This is dessert at its best! So, you ask, “What IS Port?”  Good question!  The dictionary defines Port as “a fortified dessert wine possessing rich taste and aroma”.  Port can be made in different ways, but here’s how we do it ... 

After we hand-pick our Syrah fruit a few days after our regular Syrah harvest so that the Brix (sugar) will be a wee bit higher, we allow the berries to naturally ferment and then press the developing wine off the skins at about 14 Brix.  At that point, Squire and Suzy head for the winery, sleeping bags in hand carrying a good supply of rock ’n roll and a bottle of wine. Then, during the night, we set the alarm every half-hour or so, so that Squire can check the depleting sugar (Brix) and rising alcohol level.  At a little below 10 Brix, Squire and Suzy add the alcohol (grape spirits) at about a 1 to 7 ratio to kill the still-fermenting yeast to stop fermentation at precisely the correct sugar level.

Why during the night, you ask?  Because the exact moment always happens around 3:00 AM (much like childbirth…babies aren’t born at noon!) Squire and Suzy agree that the whole 3 AM affair is sort of a “mystical experience”.  The purple juice swirling and rebelling very much like witches’ cauldron in MACBETH.... Suzy says Squire’s hallucinating from the fumes....

Our fortification agent, incidentally, isn’t the traditional Brandy used to make most Ports, but we use the VERY EXPENSIVE alcohol that is distilled from grapes. Why?  Suzy doesn’t like the cloying taste of Brandy.... (It’s the first Port that Suzy REALLY loves and Squire says he'd pour it on waffles every morning at breakfast but it would make his workday too short....)

Food Pairing Suggestions:

Our Port is the perfect companion to any dessert that has a milk-chocolate component.  Suzy’s Sage Advice to all the men out there?  Put a bottle of our Port in one hand, a red rose between your teeth, and stick a Hershey Bar in your other hand.  Even with a Barry Manilow CD under your arm, if you can’t get lucky ... check your personal hygiene....



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