Hog Wilde Chardonnay

750 ml bottle

The grapes for the eight-to-ten barrels of Hog Wilde Chardonnay each year come from a four-acre vineyard nestled in the Sonoma Coast AVA. The resulting fruit from Parmelee-Hill Vineyards is in great demand and we are fortunate to be able to purchase our six tons each year.  The grape clusters are magically transformed into wine here at GlenLyon by temperature-controlled stainless steel tank fermentation, then transferred into French Oak barrels at about 2 Brix (sugar).  

The wine, very much in the style of the French Chardonnays of Grand Cru Chablis, undergoes only a portion of ML (the conversion of the wine’s acid from malic acid to lactic acid) to maximize the wonderful mouth feel. The Chardonnay is typically kept in barrel for six to nine months.  It is a Chardonnay where the fruit is allowed to shine through; it is mouth-watering, crisp, acid-balanced, low alcohol, and most-often reveals a hint of lemon-zest, peach and dried apricot.

Food Pairing Suggestions:

Suzy’s favorite salad with the Hog Wilde Chardonnay is an avocado, toasted almond, grape and butter lettuce salad with a light, citrus dressing.  (Avoid strong vinegar dressings....)  Of course, it’s always terrific with a fish or lightly seasoned chicken entree....

Our Hog Wilde is a French Chablis-style Chardonnay at its best, and is a terrific alternative to those Heavy-Butter-Huge-Oak-Tree-California-Chardonnays that all those Pseudo-Enophillic-Bloviated-Wine-Speak-Folks tend to drink.



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