Our two vineyards at GlenLyon are located in Sonoma Valley's historic Valley of the Moon, a tad north of Glen Ellen just off Bennett Valley Road, on the same property where we have our home and our winery.

Squire and Suzy hand-planted their first vineyard in 1987 on a steep, west-facing hillside and it was the first quadrilateral-cordon, vertically-trellised vineyard in Sonoma Valley. Squire and Suzy made their first wines from these early harvests, but most of the crop was sold to local wineries with names like Laurel Glen, Wellington and Ravenswood.  That vineyard is planted in both Syrah with a smattering of Grenache.

Ten years later in 1997, we planted our second, five-acre vineyard at GlenLyon to four-acres of Syrah and a single-acre of Cabernet Sauvignon. This vineyard starts at the highest elevation on the property and runs the length of three football fields, south toward Sonoma Mountain.

The vineyards are surrounded by electric fences and keep most of the aforementioned wild critters away from the grapes, but the real challenge each year are the barn swallows who love to feast on the ripening clusters and the wild turkeys who fly over the fences just before harvest to munch on our grapes. (Hunters with proper licenses please apply.)

There's a spot at the top of our upper vineyard that we call “The Overlook" where we've been blessed to have a dozen weddings for friends. (Almost all have been successful, so we’re way ahead of the national average....) Rings, vows of love, toasts, tears of happiness and more than a few glasses of wine have been exchanged on this site. Both Diarmid O'Duibthne and Dionysos smile and say that it's a blessed place. Our daughter, Lexy, was married to Graham Hommel on that very spot on July 30, 2016.  It was a MOST glorious day!



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