The Legend

The following is an Unsubstantiated, Unverifiable True Myth:

GlenLyon is the name of the historic homeland of Suzy McDermaid Fridell’s Scottish ancestors, the ancient MacDiarmid Clan of Scotland. The race takes its name from Diarmid O'Duibthne, the Fingalian Hero who battled and slew the fierce Wild Boar that terrorized his village. After the Battle of the Boar was fought and won and Diarmid was basking in his glory, a rival for Diarmid's lady-love challenged him to measure the hide of the slain Boar with his naked feet. Unfortunately, unknown to our triumphant Hero, the bristles of the Wild Boar were poisonous, and as Suzy’s (not-too-bright) ancestor walked the length of the slain critter to see how long his trophy measured, one of the poisonous bristles pricked him and he subsequently died a terrible and agonizing death. (Obviously, a good argument for the metric system.) Both Suzy McDermaid Fridell and Suzy and Squire's daughter, Lexy McDermaid Fridell, are directly related to Diarmid (although neither Suzy nor Lexy could EVER be convinced that walking on a wild boar’s hide might be a swell idea....)

The original race of Diarmid is said to have ended during the reign of Alexander III, when Eva, daughter of the last of the O'Duibthne Clan, married Archibald Campbell and "carried away the possessions of her house" (whatever THAT means....) A few wars, rapes, pillages and many marriages followed and continued to intertwine and convolute the histories of the MacDiarmids and the Campbells. In many instances, the MacDiarmid Blazon of Arms, Shield, Crest Tartan and Pipe Music are those of Clan Campbell.

Ne Obliviscaris - Do Not Forget! Many things MacDiarmid and Campbell are also part of our tradition here at GlenLyon Vineyards & Winery. The Clasped Belt, emblazoned with the words "Ne Obliviscaris" (Do Not Forget), and the Wild Boar that were on the original Clan Crest are also silk screened on our Estate Syrah label. Coincidentally (or not) both our hillside vineyards were planted on wild boar rooting grounds where boar are still occasionally spotted amongst the vines. Where's Diarmid when you need him?

What about Squire’s family, you ask?
Definitely questionable German and Irish stock but he joined Clan Campbell in 1986 at the Scottish Games in Santa Rosa after a few glasses of Sonoma Valley wine. Clan membership only cost him ten dollars. What cost a lot more was buying his kilt and then deciding it might be a good idea to build a winery...




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